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A creative co-op for the greater good.

Visit our studio and you’ll find more than a talented team. You’ll find a collection of success stories in the making. We are a forward-thinking non-profit with the heart of a startup.

Whether it’s regenerating men or brands, bringing out the best in others is our speciality. Our team consists of staff, a coop of industry specialists, and our program residents. And we draw on life experiences and creative skills to help brands like yours realize their potential to create stronger relationships with consumers.

We believe our talents and moral compass should be used to regenerate others and build prosperous relationships. And we’re ready and able to turn our success stories into yours.


No longer bound and ready to serve.

Our residents work alongside staff and a cooperative of industry specialists as they receive vocational training in viable skills such as graphic design and project management. These skills help prepare them for a substantial career after they graduate the program.

NLB STUDIOS is an active subsidiary of No Longer Bound, a 12-month residential regeneration center for men struggling with addiction. Since 1991, No Longer Bound has saved over 1,200 men from the grips of addiction and returned them to society as productive, regenerated men.

What does this all mean for your brand? It means we’ll work to build it with the determination of an overachieving underdog.


Our mission is simple, to use our talents and moral compass to guide people and brands down a prosperous path.

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