The Branding Agency Built On Regeneration

Insect Repellent

 A fresh brand for a natural alternative.

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What started with a logo consult quickly became a greater need.


IMPEDE was in need of a brand identity and branding strategy to capitalize on the natural insect repellent market.

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IMPEDE’s Brand Identity

(logo concepts, final logo design, website)


IMPEDE concepts.png

IMPEDE logo.png

IMPEDE Mockup.png

Package Design

(bottle, label, retail carton designs)


IMPEDE’s Brand Voice

“Tough on bugs. Gentle on you.”

“Insect protection that’s safe for the whole family.”

“All natural, DEET-Free Insect Repellent”


The Solution

Through extensive market research, we were able to set IMPEDE apart from the competition and properly direct attention toward a less-tapped market in the Caribbean. A fresh brand identity now highlights IMPEDE’s natural origins.

IMPEDE solution.jpg

NLB STUDIOS has been great to work with. I am very comfortable with the team approach and continue to be impressed with the outcomes at every level. Our work together is far from over but I am confident that the time and energy invested in my projects will have tremendous outcomes.

— Andy, IMPEDE founder and operator